Advanced Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics for Powerboats

Performance Boat design and setup secrets for Recreational tunnels, Offshore Cats, Racing tunnels, Fishing/Utility hulls, Vee and Vee-Pad Hulls, Bass Boats
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Tunnel Boat Design Software   Tunnel Boat/Vee Boat Design Program - UPDATES
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  Nov 15, 2017
Ver 8.7
new.gif (29x14 -- 9694 bytes)
  • NEW analysis for STEPS, with more user step design definition, more accurate performance prediction of functional wetted areas, force locations

  • added Estimate/Help features for Step Height, Forward Step

  • NEW dB format [tbdpdat4.mdb], updated TBDP_Convert program for all previous dB's

  • Fixed bug in Acceleration Wizard (input) display

  • Enhanced Report messaging for Step performance including design recommendations, step performance, wetted/non-wetted

  • NEW sort feature for 'Standard Designs'

  • NEW feature compares THREE designs in Performance Graphs

  • Ehanced Reporting for 'Compare designs'

  • Now user can account for tunnel hull 'aerofoil' location offset

  • Enhanced HELP module

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Windows 7, 8, 10, XP

  Sept 1, 2017
Ver 8.6.10
  • enhanced Porpoise Regime reporting

  • added Optimum Trim Angle reporting

  • added step angle display on Input screen for multiple step inputs

  • added Estimate/Help buttons for multiple Step inputs

  • expanded step design reporting and recommendations, including optimum Step height reporting

  • fixed printing error (steplength1) in previous versions

  July 1, 2017
Ver 8.6.9
  • added reporting for LwrUnitHeight specified above waterline

  • added input screen notation for 'gallons/litres of fuel' conversion from fuel weight (lbs/Kg)

  • enhanced reporting for identification of 'Maximum Limiting Velocity' and 'Maximum Practical Velocity'

  • fixed 'overflow' error caused if improper user VariableDeadrise inputs

  • added departure analysis for Dynamic Stability, and influence on Max Practical Velocity 

  Apr 1, 2017
Ver 8.6.8
  • Honda lwr unit specs added

  • added reporting of Lifting Strakes performance

  • enhanced Dynamic Stability reporting

  • improved reporting for 'Maximum Limiting Velocity'

  • added JET drive options

  • Fuel volume conversion for Fuel Weight input

  • enhanced Step design recommendations

  • enhanced Hump Transition reporting

  • passenger appendage aero drag added

  • enhanced auto Report wizard info/detail

  • new graphics on input screens

  Dec 1, 2016
Ver 8.6.5
  • NEW standard design option for "Vee hull without Pad"

  • NEW - Upgraded entire TBDP HELP system to MS HTMLHelp-now compatible with Win7/8/10 Help systems; full context-sensitive Help, one-click help buttons on every screen, content Help Search features.

  • Variable deadrise, Notched Vee-Pad/Center-Pod features

  Sept 1, 2016
Ver 8.6.3
  • NEW added "WScreen w/RearCowl" option for cockpit design

  • added engine/motor cowl height, width now automatically calculated

  • UPDATED Motor Wizard; now with over 2250 OEM engine choices; added Selva outboard and Cummins, Catepillar, MTU, Yanmar inboard engine specs

  • revised lower unit drag calculation to include Leg drag if applicable

  • Improved Report Wizard message for Porpoise susceptibility prediction

  • Corrected error when using design Compare feature

  • corrected issue when saving design file

  • corrected fault in display of Sponson Drag % Report Wizard

  Apr 1, 2016
Ver 8.6
  • NEW screen layouts, NEW input variables, more performance analysis, output data/graphics, more reporting

  • NEW 2016 Motor Wizard update, now with over 2250+ OEM engine choices, including new Evinrude G2, new Mercury Racing 400R, new Ilmore V8's, Jetdrive Outboards, Yamaha 350hp V8 Outboard, Evinrude V6 E-Tec's, New Mercury 350hp Sci Verado and Optimax ProXS engines and SevenMarine 557 outboard.

  • NEW input variables and NEW 5-screen input format

  • Animated 3D Chart display for Lift/Drag component contributions through Velocity range 

  • NEW feature allows variable deadrise of sponsons or vee surfaces.

  • NEW feature automatically optimizes trim angles for elapsed TIME and ACCELERATION analysis

  • NEW feature to show extra decimal accuracy (useful for small hull designers and RC users)

  • NEW automated analysis of 'Hump- Zone' transition velocity and 'Force Moment' dynamic stability, explains both in custom Performance Analysis Report.

  • NEW input variables 'Air Temperature', 'Air Humidity' and 'Water Temperature' to allow user to account for environment variations

  • NEW input variable 'Angle Torpedo', for when lower unit has relative trim angle (regardless of WAngle)

  • NEW input variable 'Width Rear Fairing' to allow for unique aft fairing sizing

  • Enhanced analysis adjusts lift/drag and coefficients for changes in air temperature, altitude, humidity, water temperature and water type (fresh/sea)

  • NEW Performance Output data info; 'DCowl Motor' shows drag contribution of outboard engine cowling and 'Force Moment' information for dynamic stability analysis

  • Printed reports to file or printer queue now show user unique file names

  • Reduced Input module loading time and improved screen flash presentation with reduced flicker

  • NEW database format adds more input variables, output info, reduced file maintenance

  • Udated TBDP_Convert routine (Ver 2.1) automatically converts all design file data from all previous dB versions to new TBDP/VBDP V8.6 dB

  • Improved auto screen resizing for all screen types/size/resolutions and printing.

  • Corrected error when selecting "Two Steps" for very small hulls

  • Fixed Win7 UAC error that sometimes caused file save issue.

  • Updated HELP files

Oct 1, 2015
Ver 8.5
  • Enhanced Lift/Drag components display with animation

  • NEW "Estimate" buttons can auto-input estmated input values if user does not have info

  • NEW "WhatChanged" feature on Design Input screens that lists input fields 'changed' during session

  • NEW new input variables for Motor Cowling sizing, Outdrive Weight, CockpitLength

  • Revised aero drag for cockpit and cowling, increased accuracy of aero drag for outboard engine cowling

  • NEW standard design options for 'Bass Boat with center console'

  • NEW cockpit/cowling options "None with RearCowl" and "Center Console"

  • NEW Wizard messages for auto design reports

  • Improved data input validation checks

  • Revised upper limit wetted surface values shown on output screen and Results graphs


June 20, 2015
Ver 8.4


  • Added msg for vee-pad support lift, Corrected Lift Strake message error, Updated Porpoise calc

  • Revised aero drag for Cuddy Cabin option, New Cockpit W/windscreen option

  • Corrected DAero/CDAero algorthim

  • NEW Lower/Drive Unit drag analysis, includes Torpedo drag, skeg drag, leg drag, induced drag and spray drags.

  • Added mini-help buttons for each input frame

  • Added LowerUnit specs for Ilmor Indy stern drive

  • Enhanced Performance Wizard info for XCGDynamic, SprayFac, AeroDrag

  • User requested scaling, units and decimal floating

  • Improved Win7 installation cleanliness



Feb 1, 2015
Ver 8.3

TBDP/VBDP Version 8.3 NOW RELEASED!     (Feb 1, 2015)

"This is the Best TBDP/VBDP release ever!"

  • Enhanced calc for CGDynamic (dynamic stability) for cases of Vee hull with Pad and Tunnel Hull with Center Pod, more accurate for all design configurations and operating conditions.

  • Added 2015 Motor Wizard update, now with over 1750 OEM engine choices, including new Evinrude G2, new Ilmore V8's, Jetdrive Outboards, Yamaha 350hp V8 Outboard, Evinrude V6 E-Tec's, New Mercury 350hp Sci Verado And Optimax ProXS engines.

  • Major rewrite of hydrodynamic lift and drag routines, improving accuracy for all types of operating conditions for all design configurations of tunnel hull, tunnel w/Center Pod, Vee hull and Vee Pad hulls.

  • Added new Whisker Spray analysis, enhanced drag calculations associated with Whisker Spray, also added new performance report variables showing all whisker drag components with individual drag coefficients.

  • Now includes AR analysis of Spray Rails and Lifting Strakes, based on Jim Russell's engineering design paper and published article.

  • Added capability of Below-Chine Spray Rails (deflectors) for Whisker Spray reduction

  • Enhanced application of Above-Chine spray rails and effects on Sheer (friction) Spray Drag

  • Advanced Cockpit/Cowling/Fairing drag now includes complex Cavity Drag analysis.  Multiple cockpit/cowling design configurations to select from, including Open, Covered, Race Canopy, even a Cuddy Cabin

  • Enhanced Performance Wizard Summary Report, with more key data reporting and more design/setup recommendations (specifically written for the performance results presented for your design)

  • Enhanced Quick Design Wizard to automatically input additional typical design dimensions from list of any (11) standard hull designs provided.

  • Added more new Input variables (now 100+ design/setup inputs) for even more enhanced Design and Analysis options

  • Additional Performance Analysis Output measures, now with over 490 output data points, and now including Whisker Spray Drags (for sponsons, Center Pod, Vee, veepad); Lift/Drag Ratios (for sponsons, center pod, Vee and Veepad), separate Wetted Area data (SWet) for sponsons, center pod, Vee and Veepad; separate drag coefficients for CDWSponson, CDWVee, CDWPod, CDWPad, Trim Tabs lift/drag/coefficient/Aspect Ratio; along with all the other performance measures that TBDP/VBDP has presented in previous versions.

  • Added another new built-in standard design option for "Vee Hull Sterndrive" (now 11 typical designs provided); Just select one of the standard designs, use the Quick Design Wizard to modify key parameters to fit your design, and TBDP/VBDP does the rest to set all the design variables for your new design/setup.

  • Added new LowerUnit specs for V8 outboards, RC and IMCO drives

  • Refined decimal floating for smaller hull sizes (such as RC boat designs)

  • Corrected units in some Wizards to reflect Imperial/Metric capability

  • Corrected max values presented for XPorpoise Analysis chart for improved readability.

...PLUS...includes all the other new Version 8.0 features...

  Sept 1, 2014
Ver 8.2
  • Many new graphics/charts added/updated.

  • New Lift & Drag distribution chart, with dynamic velocity range view.

  • Fixed the display of cockpit/cowling drag coef's.

  • Improved algorithms for cockpit/cowling drag calc's.

  • Added new lower unit design selections.

  • Expanded the Report Summary Wizard notes.

  • Added a new file export feature.


May 15, 2014

Ver 8.1

  • Revised aerodynamic drag algorithms

  • enhanced Vee hull lift/drag calc's

  • version update checking

  • enhanced Vee hull aerodynamics setups


March 1 2014

Version 8.0 

NEW Version 8.0 NOW RELEASED!   (Jan 01, 2014)
[see What's New summary]


  • NEW VBDP� - incorporation of the NEW �Vee Boat Design Program� full-featured software for �Vee hull and Vee-Pad hull� performance analysis

  • NEW Auto Convert program to translate older TBDP design data files to the new TBDP/VBDP data format

  • Win7 compatible coding and file management

  • More Input variables (90+), more performance data output information, for more design control and even more performance reporting information

  • NEW �Auto 1-2-3 Performance Analysis" Wizard - automatically steps you through the 3 steps of performance analysis, to calculate Maximum Velocity, (Trim angle analysis) and Power (Acceleration/Elapsed Time analysis)

  • �Porpoise Analysis� - unique AR� �XPorpoise� feature that automatically shows hull's susceptibility to porpoising assessed throughout the full operating velocity range.

  • NEW �Performance Analysis Wizard� (Report Writer)

  • NEW 2013 Motor Wizard with over 1350 OEM engine choices in a selection database, making input of your engine data to TBDP�/VBDP� as simple as picking your motor from a list.

  • Quick Design Wizard - easy to start your design by selecting one of many 'typical' design outlines (with full Input dimensions and setup details) for 'Performance Tunnel hull/Power cat', 'Recreational Tunnel Outboard�, 'Offshore Fishing/Utility', 'Racing tunnel', 'RIB tunnel', 'RC tunnel', 'Vee hull' and �Vee-Pad� designs.

  • Ten NEW Design Wizards - Propeller Wizard; Motor Selection Wizard; Miscellaneous Payload Weight Wizard; Angle Increment Calculator; Quick Design Wizard; WAngle Calc Wizard; Deadrise Wizards; Power Calc Wizard; Velocity Calc Wizard; Expanded Wizard Tutorial and the extraordinary Performance Analysis Wizard (Report writer).

  • �Design-versus-Design Comparison Graphic� screens - compare the performance results of 2 (or many) design features.

  • Advanced Cockpit/Cowling/Fairing drags - NEW analysis for aerodynamic drag; Cockpit/Cowling/Fairing analysis considers profile, friction and even complex cavity drag.  NEW multiple cockpit/cowling design configurations to select from, including Open, Covered, Race Canopy, even a Cuddy Cabin

  • now calculates hydrodynamic drag of ANY lower unit design; includes standard design specs for 31 OEM drives

  • Trim Tabs & Lifting Strakes

  • Propeller sizing

  • NEW On-Line HELP screens (100+ pages); NEW 80+ page User�s manual

  • User Picture Import

  • Auto Bottom Design - for Vee hull design, bottom dimensions are automatically adjusted when a �pad� is added or removed (helpful for easy pad vs. no-pad comparisons). For tunnel hulls, auto adjustment for center-pod changes.

  • �Automatic Static CG� on-screen calculation for any hull configuration

  • "Change in Value" (derivative of the performance measure) feature on graphic performance results screens & reports � makes it even easier to see break points of performance issues, showing �how fast is it changing� data.

  • and a long list of other great new features and enhancements, including: Dozens of other new features and design options include:

    • Improved aerodynamic algorithms; even more accuracy, even more hull configurations

    • Improved drag algorithms for more types of cockpit and cowling configurations
      Symmetrical or asymmetrical sponsons

    • On-screen display of automatically calculated total hull weight and cg

    • Multiple spray rail design selection

    • Aerofoil dimensions view feature

    • Multiple Step selection design frame

    • Minimum wetted sponsons/vee surface length

    • Maximum wetted sponsons/vee surface length

    • Cg on-screen calculation

    • Automatic WAngle increase

    • Automatic Blowover check & alert

    • Automated 'head/tail wind' simulation

    • Centerpod WAngle input

    • Accurate Top Speed prediction

    • Acceleration modeling with elapsed time prediction

    • Angle increment calculator

    • Velocity range calculator

    • Motor height calc's

    • 40+ color graphic performance charts.

    • Euro units version with auto conversion between USA & metric for inputs and performance results

    • Multiple engine/drive applications


Jan 01, 2013

Jun 2012

Jun 2011

Oct 2010

Jun 2010

Jan 2009 

Mar 2008

Feb, 2007

Jan, 2006

Feb, 2005

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Apr, 2004

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Aug 2003

Version 7.15 (Jan 01, 2013) - general update

Version 7.14 (June 01, 2012) - general update

Version 7.13 (June 01, 2011) - many updates

Version 7.12   (Oct 01, 2010)  - general update

Version 7.11 (June 01, 2010) - many updates; VEE Hull Analysis NOW included

Version 7.92   -general update, many new features.

NEW!!  2008 Motor Wizard database update  - Now over 575 engines listed! (includes 2008 engine update).

Version 7.9  -  2007 Motor Wizard database update includes 450 engine specs; WinXP latest updates.  Vee hull analysis enhancements. 

Version 7.85  - WinXP latest updates; 2006 Motor Wizard database update; Euro software additions, vee-hull analysis features added

Version 7.8 - NEW Motor Wizard Update (2005) includes 350 engine specs; minor analysis upgrades.

Version 7.7 - Auto 'Head/Tail Wind' simulation feature; Improved QuickLift Wizard; Auto WAngle increase function for Velocity Optimization.

Version 7.6 - Design-versus-Design Compare Graphic; AutoBlowOver Check

Version 7.5 - More new features than ever before! Download summary of NEW TBDP features!

Motor Wizard database updated  - Now over 260 engines listed!

August, 2003 - Version 7 release - best features upgrade ever! (Press Release)


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