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Performance Boat design and setup secrets for Recreational tunnels, Offshore Cats, Racing tunnels, Fishing/Utility hulls, Vee and Vee-Pad Hulls, Bass Boats
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History of Powerboat & Tunnel Boat Design



History of the very first tunnel type designs, like Thorneycroft's 1870 craft and the original Hickman "Sea Sled"...chronicles the development of tunnel design from the 'real' beginning...right up through Jones, Bob Switzer, Molinari, VanderVelden, Scotti, Levi, Kitson, Aronow, Seebold, Hledin...and lot's more!, The "History of Tunnel Boat Design" book presents the best detailed History of Tunnel Boat Designaccounting of how we got these high performance hulls from the unpredictable risky boats to the super fast handlers of today. The new 13th edition has over 200 pages and over 150 photographs.  With 200 mph now in reach, the design relationships with aerodynamics and hydrodynamics will let you achieve the ultimate in your tunnel hull design - but you need to know how and why your boat works like it does. This book relates how the best marine designers of their day, worked their way through the difficulties presented by these complex hull designs. This is a "must have" collector book for serious boat designers or enthusiasts.
  Review of the types of catamaran hull forms used in early tunnel configurations...early designs, tunnel concept patents, modified tunnels...

"...very good history of boat racing speed from the beginning... Jim's telling of the story is very accurate..."
[Sam Cullis (Mark75H), Annapolis, MD [10-13-2004]


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Some of the first tunnel boats that saw race course action were somewhat unstable, but very fast!   The entire past of development is traced - the successes and the failures.  All the best (and not so great) designs are chronicled

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 "Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design" book
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Ramwing   Early "Ram Wing" catamarans were designed by some of the world's foremost marine designers...some were even built!  
And early Stepped Hulls had quite a history...

Find out which ones were successes ...and why!
Racing   Racing Designs progressed to the point of state-of-the-art engineering based performance machines!

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"Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design" book!
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