Advanced Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics for Powerboats

Performance Boat design and setup secrets for Recreational tunnels, Offshore Cats, Racing tunnels, Fishing/Utility hulls, Vee and Vee-Pad Hulls, Bass Boats
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AeroMarine Research® has received testimonials from highly successful users of the "Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design" book,  the "History of Tunnel Boat Design", the "Secrets of Propeller Design" book, the "Tunnel Boat Design Program" software, "Vee Boat Design Program" software, and the "PropWorks2" software from over 40 countries around the world.

More Of A Good Thing: The Secrets Of Tunnel Boat Design - 13th Edition
A book review by Greg Terzian

"Thanks, I love reading your articles, I really like the "in-depth" material, as apposed to the fluff articles that seem to be out there." - JG, Georgia, USA, July 2014,  

"Jim Russell is the best there is and Helmut and I have always been guided by his knowledge and experience". [Greg Terzian, S&F magazine]

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Jim Russel on Powerboat TV

See author Jim Russell on SpeedChannel's 'Powerboat Television Show' ....interviewed about Tunnel Hull design, and his new 13th edition "Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design" book.


Last Updated: 11/16/17

new.gif (29x14 -- 9694 bytes) - Jim Russell writes for PowerBoat & RIB magazine!

Jimboat has written design articles for all of the major performance powerboating magazines around the world!

FREE - Check out any of Jimboat's published articles in PowerBoat & Rib, Speedboat magazine, Hot Boat Magazine, Raceboat International, Powerboat Magazine, Performance Boats, RIB magazine, World of Powerboats, Family & Performance Boating, Extreme Boats, Canadian Yachting, Australian Powerboat, Powerboat & Waterski, RC Boat Modeler.

All are free to view and download - courtesy of AeroMarine Research® and Jimboat!

Scream & Fly on-line magazine published their first review of TBDP in Dec 2001. (Check out the review at the S&F site, or dload your own copy). Read the Scream & Fly book review on STBD.  

Read the "Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design" book's foreword, written by F1 champion and host of Powerboat Television, Mark Rotharmel

...from Mark Rotharmel: F1 champion & host of Powerboat Television

See Magazine Reviews of AeroMarine Research products and expertise.

Jimboat writes performance power articles in many performance powerboat magazines...including:
Powerboat & RIB, Speedboat, Powerboat, Hot Boat, Family & Performance Boating, RaceBoat International, World of Powerboats, Extreme Boats,  Powerboat & Ski, Australian Powerboat, RC Boat Modeler, Scream&Fly,, and other hi-performance boating magazines.

PBR - Oct2017
new.gif (29x14 -- 9694 bytes)

"How Did We Get So

PBR - Aug/Sept 2017


"The Science Behind How Boats Float"

PBR - May 2016


"Why you can't static balance your boat"

PB&RIB - Dec 2014

(Nov 2014)

"Anatomy of a BlowOver"

IMBPA Propeller magazine - March 2016

Propeller Mag
(Mar 2016)
"How a Propeller Does It's Job"

PBR - NovDec 2016
new.gif (29x14 -- 9694 bytes)

"Trim Angle'"
S&Fly - Mar 2016
(Mar 2016)

"Gearcase Blowout"
PB&RIB - jan/Feb 2015
(Jan/Feb 2015)

"Spray Rails & Lift Strakes"

PBR - NovDec 2016


"Hook & Rocker'"

PBR - Oct 2016

(Oct 2016)

"Earning Your Wings'"

PB&RIB - Nov/Dec 2015


"Is Salt or Fresh Water Faster?"

PBR - May 2016


"Seven Ways to Go Faster by Spending Money"
PBR - Aug-Sept 2016


"Climate Change Affects Performance"
PB&RIB - July 2015
(July 2015)

"Weight Matters"
S&Fly - Nov 2013
(Nov 2013)

"Pad Vee Design"
PB&RIB - april 2015
(May 2015)

"Attitude Adjustment"
PBR - NovDec 2016


"Keep Your Bottom Clean"

Raceboat International
(May 2011)

"Face to Face with Shawn Torrente"
PBR - Jun/Jul 2016


"Propeller Slip"
Family & Performance Boating 
(July 2003)
PB&RIB - Aug/Sep2015


"Powerboat Setup"
PB&RIB - May 2014
(May 2014)

"How a Tunnel Boat is Like a Formula One Race Car"
PB&RIB - Oct 2015
(Oct 2015)

"Aero Drag in Performance Boats
PB&RIB - Dec 2014
(Dec 2014)

"Flight Path"
Hot Boat - June 2008
Hot Boat
(June 2008)

"Gearcase Blowout"

PB&RIB - April 2014
(April 2014)

"Finish the Job

PB&RIB - Feb 2013
(Feb 2013)
"Outboard Jack Plates

RIB International (Feb-Mar 2011)
"What a Drag-Trim Angle and Engine Height"

PB&RIB - June 2012
(Jun 2012)

"Successful Propeller Testing"

RIB International (Jun 2011)
"Bottom Line-Vee Pad Design"

PB&RIB - May 2014
(Aug 2014)

"Anatomy of Propellers"
PBR - Jan/Feb 2016

Is Bigger Always Better?
PBM - March 2013
Performance Boats
(Mar 2013)

"What a Difference an Inch Makes"

PB&RIB - July 2013
(July 2013)
"In's & Outs of Foot Throttles"

PBR - Mar/Apr 2016


"Big Foot Investigation"

PB&RIB - June 2012
(Dec 2012)

"Step Design in Powerboats"

PB&RIB - april 2015
(April 2015)

"Difference in Hull Shapes"

RIB International (Dec 2010)
"Chine Walk-What Causes & How to Fix"

Hot Boat - July 2005
Family & Performance Boat

"Vee Pad Design"

Hot Boat (Nov/Dec 2008)
"Tunnel Vision-How Does a Tunnel Boat Fly"

Family & Performance Boating 
(Aug/Sep 2003

PB&RIB - August 2012
(Aug 2012)

"Hump Zone-Why Does My Boat Porpoise"

Compass mag'n (Royal Cdn. Marine Search&Rescue) (Nov 2014)
"Anatomy of Propellers"

Hot Boat - June 2008
(Apr 2012)

"Why do Boats have Roostertails?"

RIB International (Nov 2011)
(Feb 2012)

RIB International (Apr 2011) 
"Gearcase Blowout"

PB&RIB - June 2012
(Oct 2012)

"Ten Low-Cost, Go-Fast Tips"

SEA Yachting Dec 2010
SEA Yachting
(Dec. 2010)
"Low Cost Performance Tips" 

World Of Powerboats Winter 2004
World of Powerboats
(Winter 2004)

(Apr. 2004)
"Aerodynamics in Powerboats"

(October 1990) Feature Article - "Tunnel Boat Design"
Extreme_Boats Magazine_April_2003
Extreme Boats 
(Apr03; May03; June03)
3-part Feature - "Tunnel Hull Design"

(Feb 2004)

"History & Design of Propellers"
Family & Performance boating - Jan 2005
Family & Performance Boating 
(August 2004)

"Ten Safety Tips for Performance Boats"
Hot Boat - Jan 2008
Hot Boat
(Jan. 2008)
Hot Boat - Feb 2005
(Feb2005) May 2002
(May 2002)
"What Makes a Tunnle Boat Work"
PB&RIB - Apr 2013
(April 2013)

"How Deadrise affects Vee Hull Performance"

(April 2007)

PB&RIB - August 2012
(Dec 2013)

"Winterizing Your Performance Outboard"
PB&RIB - Sept 2013
(Sept 2013)

"Anatomy of a Blowover"
Hot Boat - June 2008
Hot Boat
(Aug 2008)
Canadian Yachting Dec 1977
Canadian Yachting
(Dec. 1977)
"No Visible Means of Support"
HotBoat September 2004
(Sept. 2004)

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