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  PropWorks2 Software by AeroMarine Research

PropWorks2 Software by AeroMarine Research

see the Motor Wizard®                    PropWorks2© Features

  You can select  your engine from one of the buttons the Gear Selection listing...

OR...Select one of over 2250+ popular outboard/inboard engines from the MotorWizard feature by clicking on the green "Motor Wizard" button.

MotorWizard automatically applies the OEM engine specifications for you, including maximum RPM setting, OEM gear ratio, horsepower, etc.

Then select desired RPM setting, propeller pitch, propeller cup, slip %.

Then see instantly the calculated Theoretical Speed and Actual Speed for your specified setup. can input your own desired RPM setting, Gear Ratio


PropWorks2 Version 2.4 has COMPLETE on-line HTML HELP manual and screens!
[Win7/8/10 compatible]